KJPP MPR is registered and licensed as both an asset (Classification A) appraiser and business valuer (Classification B) at BAPEPAM-LK and is also licensed by the Ministry of Finance
Public Appraiser License : 2.09.0070, KMK.440/KM.1/2019
Company Reg. Certificate :
Tax Reg. Number (NPWP) : 02.596.830.6-012.000
Well Experienced
17 years of experience

Our Services

Business Valuation

• Share and Corporate Valuati on
• Intangible AssetsVal uation
• Economic Loss Valuation caused by an activity or event.
• Financial instrument Valuation
• Securities Valuation

Property Appraisal

Property Appraisal
• Land Apprai sal
• Building Apprai sal
• Equipment and Machine Appraisal
• Plantation Appraisal
• Mining Appraisal

Consulting Services

• Prospectus Arrangement and Information Disclosure
• Property Advisory
• Feasibility Study and Financial Projections
• Consulting for Desktop Valuation
• Project monitoring
• Corporate Advisory
• Property Agent

Track Record

>>Infrastrucutre, Utilities & Transport >>Mining & Mining Services >>Property >>Retail >>Raw Materials & Chemicals >>Trade & Servicaes >>Financial & Investment >>Agriculture >>Healthcare >>Initial Public Offering (IPO) Related Transaction >>Restructuring >>Price Purchase Allocation >>Feasibility Study

Infrastrucutre, Utilities & Transport
Infrastrucutre, Utilities & Transport
Financial & Investment
Financial & Investment
Initial Public Offering (IPO) Related Transaction
Initial Public Offering (IPO) Related Transaction



Mr. Martokoesoemo is currently the Managing Partner of Martokoesoemo, Pakpahan & Rekan

Budi P Martokoesoemo
Budi P Martokoesoemo Managing Partner

Mr. Miduk Pakpahan, serves as a Partner at KJPP Martokoesoemo, Pakpahan & Partners

Miduk Pakpahan
Miduk Pakpahan Partner

Mrs. Grace currently serves as a Partner at KJPP Martokoesoemo, Pakpahan & Partners

Grace Partner

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